There isn’t a person on the planet that wouldn’t love to call this property home on Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas. When I saw the views of the lake, I immediately thought about this being the ultimate retirement home. Then I read more of the listing about how a boat was included in the purchase of the home and then I realized once I will a lottery jackpot, I could finally afford this dream home listed for just under $9 million dollars on PK. 

Years ago, my mom owned a home on Possum Kingdom Lake and while I didn’t get to visit often as I lived hundreds of miles away, we had so much fun there, especially as the water always seemed to be warm. It was so relaxing, but when you add a home like this on PK, this truly is a dream come true. Which is why the sellers can ask so much for this gorgeous property. 

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This Possum Kingdom Lake Home Is Beyond a Dream Property 

I’m not sure if you could ask for a better view than to walk outside and look at the gorgeous lake. When you look through the photos below you will understand what I’m saying, it’s unbelievable. This property at 1011 Lakeview Pt Rd on Possum Kingdom Lake is 4 levels, 7 bedrooms, over 8 bathrooms, 9,416 square foot house on 2.13 acres of land.  

This Possum Kingdom Home Has Too Many Extras to Mention 

As expected the kitchen is set up for a chef, there is a media room, game room, elevator, even a bell tower. There is a special area for guests to enjoy their privacy, even a helipad for anyone who wants to use their helicopter to commute home. There is an equestrian center, amazing swimming pool, private boat docks, included in the purchase is even a 32’ Cobalt Cruiser boat.  

Look at these luxurious pictures: 

Unbelievable $9 Million Dollar Property on Possum Kingdom Lake

This is the house and property that dreams are made of:

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