*Update* As of 2/14/2023, this home was listed online for $6 million dollars and it is now under contract.

Before anyone starts saying this mansion is nothing like prison, obviously we all know that, but it was a comment that many people made when I stumbled upon this abandoned mansion that is now currently for sale in Pleasanton, Texas. Someone really made this home into what they always wanted then something happened and it has been left and forgotten about. But if you have enough cash you could restore this prison resembled mansion into a gorgeous home and piece of property.

The exact address is 350 Ridgeview Drive in Pleasanton, Texas 78064. The list price was $4,995,000 and while this place needs some work it could be amazing if done right. The large piece of land is a total of 147 acres and the home itself is 9 bedrooms and has 9 1/2 bathrooms. And there are a ton of extras that come along with this piece of real estate.

You Get Much More Than The Home and Land

Obviously 147 acres is a lot of land, and the house itself is 6,243 square feet, but whoever purchases this place will also get a 14,000 square foot Barndominium with several bedrooms and bathrooms. The Barndominium also has a large conference or fun area to be used for retreats.

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This Place Is Perfect For an Airplane Pilot

This property has already been approved by the local airport to have it's own runway, so it could be perfect for a pilot who likes to take off from home. The part that most people say looks like a prison would have to be the outside basketball court, but I can promise if you ask any prison inmate they would be happy to swap their current residence for this place.

Check out the photos for yourself:

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