We all know that looking for a home to purchase right now can come with some challenges. While the market might not be as hot as it was a year ago, if there is a home on the market in East Texas that you want, you have to move quickly. If you’re looking to make a purchase specifically in Tyler, Texas here is where the most expensive neighborhoods can be found, if you're looking for a bargain you might want to stay away from these places. 

Although on the flip side of things, if you're looking for a nice neighborhood with prices continuing to grow on what could be a great investment, maybe you want to visit these neighborhoods. Obviously, everyone's home needs are a little different, and everyone's budget is different as well. But here is more information when looking to make a home purchase in the Tyler area thanks to our friends at Neighborhood Scout.

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Tyler is a Larger Middle-Sized City 

While we are not even close to Dallas or Houston in regard to population size, that also means we don’t have to deal with the extreme traffic that those bigger Texas cities have to deal with. Tyler is the 38th largest community in Texas with the population a little over 107,000 people.  

Tyler Can Still Be Affordable, These Are Just the Most Expensive Areas 

The areas/neighborhoods mentioned below are the expensive ones, but you can still find a great home at an affordable price. Let's start looking now, here is a look at the most expensive Tyler neighborhoods: 

Let's Look at the 10 Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Tyler, Texas in 2023

If you're wondering where the most expensive homes are located in Tyler, Texas this list of neighborhoods will help.

List of the Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Longview

If you're looking to purchase a home in Longview, here are the most expensive neighborhoods in Longview.

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