This news really was disappointing. Overnight, I learned that Sha'Carri Richardson could possibly miss the Tokyo Olympics after failing a drug test. My first thought was are they trying to get her on steroid use, because those rumors have been circling since she began burning up the track. Then I find out she tested positive for marijuana.

First of all, let's cut straight to the chase, 18 states plus D.C. have legalized marijuana and 38 states, D.C. and 4 U.S. territories have approved medical marijuana. To top it off, I dug a little deeper and found out that the state the Olympics Trials were held in legalized the use of marijuana and has dispensaries that sell various strands of marijuana. So, Olympic Committee, I have a question for you: Why didn't you hold the trails in a state that has not legalized the use of marijuana?

I know some people may say, "Shani you are crazy and that makes no sense!" Sha'Carri Richardson is not the first athlete to go through this and in my personal opinion I think it is ridiculous because we are talking about a plant that grows from the earth. I could see if the drug test show signs of cocaine, pcp or the embalming fluid. I am not even sure if the embalming fluid would show up, but I could see that as a major problem because now you have changed the natural to something that is very damaging. Another reason I call a flag on the play with this one is because marijuana is a downer. It does not enhance anything, it is a relaxer and calms you. Imagine what Sha'Carri's performance would have been like if she didn't smoke.

Sha'Carri took to Twitter yesterday and posted the words "I am human". If they suspend Sha'Carri she will miss the Tokyo Olympics that start on July 23. This would be disappointing not only to Sha'Carri but to fans as well because she is the one to watch. We were all looking forward to her breaking more records. At the Olympic Trials in  Eugene, Oregon she ran the 100 M Dash in an impressive 10.86 seconds making her the fastest woman in the country and the second fasted women in the world. On the flip side, if they do go through with the suspension, she is 21-years-old and has time to train harder and come back stronger with no issues.

This all reminds me of Michael Phelps. When he was at the top of his career he was in a picture with a marijuana pipe and never tested positive for marijuana. He lost his sponsors and financial support. I do understand that we have to follow rules however when the laws change, shouldn't the rules change too?

We will all have to wait and see what the outcome of this will be for my alum of Dallas, Texas' David W. Carter High School. I hope this doesn't break her spirit but makes her stronger and wiser.


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