Today was another amazing day at 7-Eleven in Tyler, Texas. The broadcast was live from 7-Eleven on Highway 31 just across from Tandem Homes and the turnout was great.

Everything kicked off at 11:00 a.m. and the King of Some Media, Melz on the M.I.C. and the King of Sales, Gunny Moore were on site with me. When the three of us get together we really have a great time and this time, I turned in a puff ball right before everyone's eyes.

When you come out and join the three of us at a live broadcast for 7-Eleven we hook you up with free Big Bites, Big Gulps, taquitos and chips. So basically, we take care of your lunch during that time. Which is perfect because at noon I kicked off "Lunch Time In The City". Also when you come out and kick it with us, we have other stuff you can win, like tickets to the events that we give away on air. Today we gave away tickets to the All Black Affair with Link, Case and H-Town.

At each live broadcast that we do from a 7-Eleven location their promotions team is on site to assist us with giveaways. So on top of the free food, they have other freebies for the kids. You never know what they will have on hand.

The staff on hand at 7-Eleven is always very helpful and they are happy to jump in photos with us and entertain the customers.


Ok, so let's get to the point of this story, I am sure you want to know how I, Shani Scott, The Queen of Some Media, turned into a puff ball right before everyone's eyes at 7-Eleven.

If you have been paying close attention to the videos posted here, you will see that I started the live broadcast with a nice silk press hair style. Just so you know, this is all of my natural hair. No tracks, no weave no chemicals, all natural.

As you continue to scroll down you will notice that the strait hair is slowly puffing up and turning into an afro.

Why is this occurring you ask? Because of the humidity in the air in Tyler, Texas today.

According to the weather man, Hurricane Nicholas was on his way to Texas and it sent all of the humidity to East Texas.

So what does that have to do with me turning into the Lion King on site? Well when moisture hits my hair, it transforms into a big puff ball.

Had it rained and my hair got drenched, it would have really been bad.

No one seemed to think that it was a bad thing except for me. The only people that could understand and feel my pain were the females on site.

But they really could not fully relate because they did not have the same texture of hair as me, so they did not understand my struggle.

Needless to say, I made it through the broadcast and as you can see in this last photo that I took with a listener, I transformed completely into a puff ball.


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