Boy, that was quick!

If you were planning on enjoying a movie under the stars at Walmart's Pop Up Drive-In you can just forget about it because tickets are SOLD OUT!

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I made mention last week that the super retailer was doing something out of the ordinary by hosting pop up drive-in movies at 160 of their locations and East Texas made the list with locations in Tyler and Kilgore.

Talk about heartbreaking as I was planning on going to the October 20th showing of Black Panther at the Walmart Supercenter #6467 located at 450 S SE Loop 323, but tickets were gone as well as the other locations in East Texas.

This was a great concept as they show family friendly movies like "Wonder Woman", "Spy Kids", "Ghostbusters", etc and due to most movie theaters closed or open with limited seating due to COVID-19, getting outside with the family isn't such a bad idea after all.

The last time I went to a drive-in movie I was a kid and to bring back the nostalgia and watch a movie from back in the day would have been a great way to take my mind off our new normal.

Hopefully, Walmart will look at the sold out locations and bring it back because I will definitely be in attendance.

Guess I'll see what's playing at the Apache Drive-In.  (That was a joke people!)

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