Dear Starbucks,

Will you make up your mind in supporting the plight of discrimination and racism by African Americans?

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Remember back in 2018 when one of your managers called the police on two African-American men who were quietly waiting for a friend?  Her complaint was they haven't purchased anything and even had staff deny one of them from using the bathroom.

They were arrested for trespassing and later had charges dropped and issued an apology.

Since that incident you had your entire staff take anti-racial bias training sessions and attempted to build race relations with the African-American community.

So, when I got word from The Hill indicating you wouldn't allow your employee's to wear anything in support of Black Lives Matter I really wasn't surprised as I said to myself this will not end well because I know a lot of African-Americans who enjoy your coffee.

You only cared because it would affect your revenue and I have a friend who owns stock in your company and pondered the though of pulling out and selling his stock.

Look, I don't know any of you personally, but I definitely need you to pick a side.

You shouldn't have to be threatened with the loss of revenue to see how important Black Lives Matter and honestly you sound just like the others who have something to say about something you clearly know nothing about when it comes to racism and discrimination.

Maybe you should retake your sensitivity training courses again to reiterate your commitment to the African-American community because as far as I'm concerned this is just lip service.

In other words.....Nah fam I know the difference between an ethical decision over a financial one!

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