Every time I would stress out and see a grey hair I would immediately tell my kids "See what you did?"

Now it is a scientific fact after a study confirms that stress causes your hair to turn grey.

According to Time Magazine, researchers at Harvard has found the process of graying hair begins in our sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for a lot of body processes we would never think about like our heart rate, digesting food and fighting off germs.

This system is also intimately connected with with our stress response.  It's called upon only if other systems in the body fail, and only in the most dire circumstances.

A look at mice found that activating this stress response can actually deplete a whole group of cells.  Specifically cells that become active when there's new hair beginning to form and produce the color.

Per researchers they said this is a reminder that stress has widespread effects on the body, and add that one day there could potentially be a treatment to stop hair from graying.

I have embraced the grey in my beard!


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