I'm not trying to make this guy the butt of any jokes, but after you read the details to this disguising incident you will see that he did it to himself. The Maverick County Sheriff's Office deputies released details regarding 41-year-old Ariel Alberto Gonzalez Medina being arrested and normally after being placed in custody that the end of it but no, things just continued to get worse for the suspect.

While there is no reason given as to why police were called to Medina's residence once deputies arrived they found the suspect very aggressive and he was resisting arrest. The Sheriff for Maverick County even said he hit one officer in the head with his fist, he was spitting on other officers, but eventually the handcuffs were placed on the suspect and he was taken to jail.

Upon Arrival at the Jail Officials Found Drugs

After the suspect was arrested and transported to jail it was then that officials found a package in his clothing that contained 25 grams of methamphetamine. After finding those drugs he had another charge that was added to his list of charges for bringing drugs into the jail facility. But things continued to get even worse from there.

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The Suspect Was Caught With More Drugs Inside of His Body

After being taken to jail each suspect has to put on jail issue clothing, and they do a strip search. It was then discovered that the suspect also had 6.35 grams of cocaine that was found in his rear end. It's gross, and it also means the suspect will be facing yet another charge. And the moral of the story is don't do drugs or try to sneak them into a jail facility.

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