If staying in the Taco Bell themed hotel was your dream, well sorry, you've missed out.

In a matter of two quick minutes all the rooms were booked in the soon to be 'Taco Bell Hotel' in Palm Springs, CA. The fast food giant announced that it would be rebranding and re-theming an established hotel with everything Taco Bell.

Reservations for the pop-up hotel began at $169 a night and all rooms were sold out within two minutes. Those lucky enough to get a room for a night or more will be treated to Taco Bell decor, artwork, giant sauce packet inflatables in the pool, food and drink.

Room service, consisting of tacos and burritos will be available along with poolside dining catered by Taco Bell, of course, all weekend long. Guests will also be treated to special drinks too.

The limited run specialty hotel will be popping up in Palm Springs August 8th - 12th and if you're still wanting to go, there might be a cancellation list you can get on! Just check the Taco Bell site for more.

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