Even though Hurricane Harvey has come and gone many Texans’ are still struggling trying to rebuild from the damage it has left.   Individuals are still struggling to get things back to normal you will never know how a simple act of kindness and make a person’s day.

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From KSAT Houston Texans’ rookie Quarterback Deshaun Watson learned that three women who work in the team’s cafeteria at the stadium had lost a lot from the hurricane and felt that he should do something to help.  Watson did the unthinkable and presented the three ladies a check worth $27,000 of his base salary of $465,000.

Video Source:  CBS News

The women became emotional as Watson said to them

For what you all do for us every day and never complain, I really appreciate you all.  So, I wanted to give my first game check to ya’ll to help ya’ll out in some type of way.

During a time of crisis we all get to see the best in people and with this act of kindness from Deshaun Watson has turned out to be a generous start to his NFL career and a move that will go further than any touchdown pass he will ever throw.