Recently I was talking with a coworker about television shows that we enjoy watching and he brought up the show “Naked and Afraid” where these people attempt to survive in the wild for extended periods of time and they don’t have people looking after them like ‘Survivor’. This is just the cast members against the great outdoors. I’m sure it could be a fun show to watch but it also makes you think about some of the edible things that are provided for us by nature. 


I’m too comfortable with all my electronics and creature comforts to ever attempt to be on that show but I applaud anyone who even attempts to make it. Because I would only be fine for a day or two out in the wild, while I would love to be able to say I could last a month I’m not sure that would be the reality of the situation.  

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You Need to Eat for Survival 

We all know that eating food and drinking water is a necessity to keep our bodies going, we need to give it fuel. But that doesn’t mean we need to always have fast food, in fact there are lots of things that are in nature that we could eat to survive. 

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