How was your 4th of July weekend? Mine was great with the exception of my daughter being hit in the face by a firework. Even though this was not easy to watch happen, it is not worse that a person losing their life or  their home or property being destroyed in a fire due to what was supposed to be a celebration.

Yes, you did read correctly, my daughter was popped in the face by a firecracker and as you can see it left a pretty good burn. However, we were in a location where is was legal to pop firecrackers off. This is not the case in the city and some people had to pay the price of losing their home and vehicles from popping firecrackers. 


According to the Austin Fire Department the f duplex was set ablaze by fireworks that landed on the the carport of of the duplex. Crews were able to prevent the blaze from spreading throughout their homes, but the vehicles, carport and attics were burned to a crisp. The Austin Fire Department estimated that the damages totaled about $200,000.

Now you are probably under the assumption that the families living in the duplex were the ones popping the firecrackers. Not the case at all. One family included a grandmother and her her grandchild who helped her scale a fence to get to safety and the other a couple surviving due to the husbands quick thinking and ability to kick in doors to get them to safety.

Fortunately, no one lost their life, however the face that their home and transportation was destroyed by careless individuals is heartbreaking. I know that it was a holiday weekend and we all wanted to enjoy ourselves, but safety for yourself and others around you should always come first.


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