We're all watching how we spend, especially with the price of virtually EVERYTHING going up. As always, we all could use some extra cash and its quite possible that The State Of Texas has some money for YOU but you'll have to make some moves to get your hands on it.

Every Year The Texas Comptroller's Office Deals With A Problem...


Nearly 33 million people in the United States have unclaimed property, according to officials with the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. Unclaimed property includes things like forgotten utility deposits, insurance proceeds, payroll checks, or dormant bank accounts. Its the job of the Texas State Comptroller's office to keep tabs on this kind of thing.

The State Of Texas Has Been Running Its Unclaimed Property Program Since 1962.


With all that "unclaimed property" popping up, the state created a program to make sure residents are aware that they can claim their stuff. Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar says that since the program started, the comptroller's office has returned more than $3 billion in unclaimed property to its owners. During his time in office, Hegar claims to have returned more unclaimed property than any other comptroller:

"I am proud to have returned nearly $2 billion dollars to Texans since becoming Comptroller, and we are continually looking for new ways to return even more, I am proud to have given back more money than any other Texas Comptroller since the Unclaimed Property program was launched in 1962."


How Can I Check To See If I Got Money??

Finding out if you got money is easier than you think! The comptroller's office says you can file a claim at claimittexas.org to begin the process. You can also visit MissingMoney.com or FindMyFunds.com to search for property that may belong to you if you moved to Texas from another state. Now why are you still here reading, GO GET YOUR MONEY BABY!

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