If you're still waiting on your stimulus check or if you just found out that you would have to wait until you file your taxes to claim said money, might I offer another suggestion, a potential HALF A BILLION DOLLAR one.

The Texas Lottery has revealed that once again, no one claimed last week's Mega Millions or Powerball main jackpot prizes, therefore, both jackpots have officially crossed the Half A Billy mark this week.

The Mega Millions jackpot is currently at the time of this article, sitting at $600 Million while the Powerball jackpot sits at $550 Million Dollars. Talk about stimulating! Heck, you stimulate whole cities with that kind of money!

So, if you're still waiting around for the "government" to get its act together, you might as well take a shot at winning these big bucks. The drawing for Mega Millions happens on Tuesday night while Powerball takes place Wednesday and you can expect these jackpots to grow!

If I win, maybe I'll order a couple of THESE down below and help some folks out. What would you do if you won "HALF A BILLION DOLLARS?"

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