A police officer is to serve and protect the community, so when Officer James Riley noticed a child walking alone in a parking lot after getting snacks for his younger sibling he knew exactly what to do.

According to Fox News, after Officer Riley received notice about the young child at the store on June 3rd he took him home because he was concerned about his safety.

Once he dropped the child off he became aware that the family fell on hard times and decided to do the unthinkable.

Officer Riley went to the local grocery store and purchased groceries and snacks for the kids with his own money.  He also made sure the kids had food to eat that wouldn't require turning on a stove.

The Austin Police Department shared the incident on their Facebook page and have since gone viral.

Once the groceries were put away Officer Riley talked to the children about home safety and no to go outside without adult supervision.

Thank you Officer Riley for serving the community!

We definitely need more officers like you.