When life gives all the "Karen's" of the world lemons, a Texas restaurant is giving them lemonade as they honor all women who bear the name Karen.

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Chick'nCone in Houston is doing something out of the ordinary by declaring Monday (August 17th) as "Karen Day" at their establishment. All women whose actual name is Karen (show valid ID) received a FREE Ckick'nCone! But there's a catch.

They must say the password which is...

I want to speak to the manager.

Now to everyone who doesn't' know what a "Karen" is exactly, the word is described as 'a woman (most likely "white") who feels entitled, is racist or displays racist tendencies, in attempts to get what she wants'.

We have all seen them in action whether they are trying to shut down a lemonade stand, report someone barbecuing in the park, or bird watching in the park.  These women have attempted to showcase their 'privilege' to get what they want.

Karen DeAmart (yes her real name is Karen),the spokesperson for the restaurant, said the event was well received as nearly "40 Karen's" showed up for the promotion per WDRB.

Now to be fair, all women named "Karen" are not villains -  as I have a cousin named "Karen" and a good friend named "Caryn" and met a lot of wonderful "Karen's" in my lifetime.

This was a great way to show the good "Karen's" some love and have a sense of humor.

Now if we can just get the women who aren't named "Karen" to stop displaying "Karen" like tendencies.

I'll save that for another conversation.

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