I'm really glad all the silly things I did were done way before social media.

A Texas teen who wanted 15 minutes of fame by spitting in a bottle of Arizona Tea and placing it back in a supermarket is now in jail.

According to CBS 7, the incident happened in Odessa, Texas at Albertonsons grocery store.

The teen was caught on camera picking up the Arizona Tea, untwisting the cap put his mouth on it and put it back on the shelf.

He then explained to the officer that he took a sip of the tea because "It was gross."

These stunts and challenges are not new as Texas woman is currently being sought after by Lufkin police after taking the top off Blue Bell ice cream and licking the top before placing it back in the Walmart freezer and a Louisiana man is in custody after performing the same stunt.

Just for the record if you weren't aware here in Texas "food tampering" is considered a felony and could be fined up to $10,000 and serve 2 years to life in prison.

You have been warned!

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