I Know You Read The Headline And Said "REALLY? I Would Have Kept It" But Thankfully This Story Has A Happy Ending For Everyone Involved.

When we were teens (and even now as adults if we're being honest) if you found money on the ground, it was usually cause for celebration over your new found "wealth".

Chances were high that you probably aren't turning that money in or tell anybody about it unless it was someone close to you, ESPECIALLY if was a nice amount of cash. Which is why we have to applaud this young lady for what she did when she discovered money, not once, but TWICE at her school.

17 Year Old Honor Smith Is A Senior At Cast Med High School In San Antonio.

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According to KENS 5, Smith said she was coming to school one October morning when $300 was on the ground outside her school, and she became suspicious. She called her mother, who advised her to give it to school officials so she took the money to Cast Med principal Dr. Eddie Rodriguez. The Principal Informed Her That School Policy States That She Could Get The Money In 30 Days If No One Claimed It.

Later the same day, Smith was going to her car in the parking lot when curiosity led her to the same spot where she had found the cash earlier.

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Smith says that later on that day she found ANOTHER wad of cash worth $300 and she thought at this point that someone was pranking her. So once again, she gave the money to the school principal.

The Next Day,  The Principal Said He Got A Phone Call About The Money.

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Google Maps

The caller lived at an apartment complex across the field from Cast Med. He told the principal en route to get a money order; he lost $850. The rent money came out of his pocket when he pulled his cell phone out. The caller wanted to know if anyone had found it assuming that the money was long gone. The principal informed him that someone turned in $600 and the man excitedly came to pick up the money and thanked Smith for her honesty.

Smith Has Future Plans To Attend Howard University.

Smith wants to pursue a film degree but wants to be a singer and while the money she found would have helped defer costs to attend her dream school, she felt like doing she would have disappointed her parents and not lived up to her name: Honor. Well we salute and honor you young lady!

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