We all love a good "prank" video and there's no limit to the amount of them you can find on social media, especially YouTube and TikTok. Most of these videos are quite funny even though I prefer the "pranks go wrong" type of videos where people are about to get their ass kicked for playing pranks on strangers. But I came across a TikTok page of a guy in Texas whose pranks aren't mean spirited in any way, you just gotta pay attention to where you going and what you doing to not get got.

The Texas Bushman Has Racked Up Over 1 Million Followers on TikTok

You've seen these type of pranks before but The Texas Bushman has been popping out and scaring folks in cities all across the state and garnering millions of views in the process. Posing as an unassuming bush, the "bushman" jumps out and the reactions are priceless.

Anybody can get it, celebrities included.

While most of his videos feature regular folks getting their day interrupted a light scare, some celebs got caught up too like "Fast N Loud" star Richard Rawlings who got popped.

Cops Aren't Safe, But the Kids Aren't Worried At All.

This one is hilarious! My favorite is the kid who is walking by unbothered because he's probably hip to the prank, followed by some police officers on duty getting the bushman treatment. They weren't the only ones.

3 Times In The Same Week???

In this one we find a lady whose been got several times apparently saying "That's the third time this week". Jeez, you gotta pay attention sis! Just know this, if you are walking around San Antonio, Houston or Dallas, be on the look out for the Texas Bushman!

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