Speaking from a mans perspective going in a public bathroom isn't much of a big deal, but to a woman it could be as they would go through certain measures to avoid germs on the toilet seat.

However, when it comes to the bathroom in your home this particular place holds the most germs and that is (drum roll) the toothbrush holder!

According to Time, after a study in 2011 they found that toothbrush holders contained mold, yeast and even some had coliform (meaning they had poop particles on them.)

The study also showed in 22 homes for the presence of bacteria, yeast and mold. While 27% of toilet seats contained mold and yeast, 64% of toothbrush holders did. Of the toothbrush holders, 27% had coliform (an indicator of potential fecal contamination) and 14% had staph.

The report says overall that bathrooms are full of germs, so the reasonable message is to wash your hands more than normal and to use paper towels from a motion-detection dispenser to prevent spreading around bathroom germs.

What part of cleaning the bathroom do you hate the most?  Feel free to comment below.



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