A wise man once told me "You can't fix stupid!"  Just when you thought the internet challenges were over and all was safe for the human race there comes another one and proves that individuals can be real idiotic and put themselves into danger at the same time.

Just when you thought the ‘Tide pod challenge’ was crazy ABC 15 reports the internet has a new challenge called the ‘Hot Coil Challenge’ where people are turning on their stoves getting the coils hot and putting their arm or other body parts on the stove for as long as they can.

The clueless souls are then posting their videos on YouTube and even some participants are suggesting not to try it (Go figure), but maybe seeing the video will cause them to think twice.

Can I have a word with the people who have common sense?  The hot coil challenge is not only stupid, but very dangerous.  The idea of causing harm to your body and leaving a scar that will be a constant reminder of the dumb challenge could be a reminder to not follow the masses.

Let's start a new challenge not to do any dumb challenges in 2018!