Last week we asked the people of Tyler what their biggest pet peeve is and we got a lot of responses. Of those responses, the most common pet peeves aligned with ours.

  • traffic on South Broadway and Old Bullard Rd. - 22 %
  • the medians - 21.27%
  • stuck up people, some cliques are hard to break into - 21.03%
  • long lines at Chick-fil-A spilling out into traffic - 7.33%
  • one Target vs. 5 Walmarts - 7.32%
  • 'red Light Runners' at the Loop and Broadway in Tyler - 6.34%
Long medians on the Loop | Jason Eisenberg, TSM

Those were the top votes for listed pet peeves in the city of Tyler, but we did extra digging because y'all had a lot to say including hating the long medians and many people also miss the old courthouse.

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The most common by far was TRAFFIC:

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