Shani Scott is back! And I couldn't be happier to return to East Texas healthy and happy. Many of you have wondered where I went, where I have been and if I would even come back. It has always been my desire to come back and we finally made it happen, thanks to the new Brand Manager the King of Some Media, Melz on the M.I.C.

I started my journey in Tyler, Texas June 15, 2013 as Brand Manager of Hot 107-3 Jamz which is now the all new 107-3 KISS FM. Me and my two daughters were excited about everything East Texas. We met some wonderful people and made great memories all over East Texas. Right at the height of my career, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer and that sent me back home to Dallas, Texas.

Even though I was faced with this awful diagnosis, it helped me focus on what really matters in life. If you know me, you already know that I am completely crazy about my daughters and spend as much time with them as possible. This experience made me plan more memorable trips, events and activities with them.

Long story short, because I know you are wondering, but I beat breast cancer and I am doing completely fine. I opted not to do chemo or radiation. I did everything naturally and I am good. I even had the opportunity to do a TEDx Talk about my journey titled "Living Because I Am Dying" and yes, I actually practice what I preach.

Now, I am back on the radio and ready to serve the East Texas community again. I hope that I can add more and be a bigger help than I was the first time around.


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