Making your partner happy on Valentine's Day may not the be the most important thing in the world, but it will sure make life a little more enjoyable on February 14, 15 and hopefully through the weekend. Personally, I don't get that elaborate - maybe a surprise, or a nice restaurant or an intimate home cooked meal is in the cards - but at the end of the day, I believe it's the thought that counts.

However, there are a few spots you absolutely do not want to make a destination on this, our nation's day of love. And these are particularly bad ideas in Texas.

In-N-Out (Texas)

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I'm seeing more and more In-N-Out Burgers in Texas these days, and while that doesn't make me upset (I am from California), I have been in Texas long enough to know you don't take a Texan out for a burger there. Even if a so-called survey said it is the favorite fast food joint in the lone star state.

The city of Lubbock (Lubbock)

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I'm mostly just kidding on this one. However, most of my friends have nothing good to say about the northwest Texas city. There is a decent night life in Lubbock, but I think there are a lot of haters due to the fact we don't like Texas Tech - except maybe when we're rooting for Patrick Mahomes. ;-)

Golden Corral / Buffets (Texas)


I'm definitely not knocking on Golden Corral or buffets in general, but come on, buddy. A buffet before a potential night of romance could spell disaster for you and your partner. Too many bad scenarios for this one:

  • "too full, need to nap"
  • "whoops, we ate for 4 hours and now we have to leave"
  • bathroom visits could be frequent
  • "I'm sorry baby. I accidentally touched hands with that mysterious man while reaching for the biscuits. Now we're in love. You got the bill, right?"

Apache Drive-In Theater (Tyler)

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Now I'm certainly not one to judge. I can live my life happily even with venues like these around - doesn't bother me. But! Gentlemen, aside from a strip club, this is probably the worst place to take your female companion. And ladies, if your man wants to go here, he might have a surprise to tell you eventually.

Epic BBQ Joints - you don't want to stand in line for 2 hours (Texas)

There are some world famous BBQ spots in Texas that are absolutely worth the wait. I've definitely waited at Franklin's BBQ in Austin with a lawn chair and a cooler of beer - it took 3 hours by the way. But on Valentine's Day, you don't want to keep your loved one waiting. Chances are one of you will get hangry and the night will kick off with a fight with Betty White.

Boring murals like the "I Love You So Much" mural in Austin

Murals are a fun way to express yourself artistically and sometimes, less is more. But this mural - with actual lines to take a picture in front of - I just don't get. We have prettier murals in East Texas.