With today being Super Bowl Sunday one of the many things I look forward to are the creative commercials that will air during the game.

However, one commercial will be extra special during the BIG GAME especially if you're a pet lover as one CEO spent $6 million dollars on an ad thanking the vets who saved his family dog.

According to Fox News, David MacNeil, who is the founder and CEO of WeatherTech the company that custom make car accessories showed his gratitude to the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine for saving his puppy's life after being diagnosed with cancer.

Scout (the dogs name) had an aggressive form of cancer and was given a 1 percent chance of survival, but instead of putting him down MacNeil wanted to get a second opinion and went to UW SVM for treatment and Scout has fully recovered.

MacNeil explained the reason behind the commercial,

We wanted to use the biggest stage possible to highlight Scout’s story and these incredible breakthroughs, which are not just limited to helping dogs and pets. This research will help advance cancer treatments for humans as well, so there’s the potential to save millions of lives of all species.

The ad has already been viewed on YouTube more than 300,000 times and you can check out Scouts commercial below.

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