It's Been Decades Since College Football Was A Big Thing In Dallas, TX Because A Former Collegiate Power Was Shutdown, But Now, They're Back.

The greatest and most compelling story in the history of all of college football in my opinion is what happened to Southern Methodist University's football program in the 1980's.

Its not so great if you're a fan of the Mustangs but if you're familiar with the story, you have to admit that its damn good and movie worthy. ESPN thought so and made a "30 for 30" documentary about it.

While SMU has spent decades climbing out of cellars of college football from the death penalty, the new landscape of the game which includes "paying" players now, has inspired a comeback by the university that once "had a payroll to meet".

SMU accepted an invitation in early September to join the ACC.

New Mexico Bowl - SMU v Brigham Young
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SMU's entrance into the ACC will put the Mustangs back in a major NCAA athletic conference for the first time since 1995-96, the final year of the Southwest Conference before it dissolved. Since 2013, the Mustangs have been members of the American, which is considered a "Mid-Major" conference.

The Mustangs want back at the table with the "big schools" so in order to join the ACC, SMU will forgo television revenue from the ACC for up to nine years, in an unpreceded deal that originally could cost the school millions....but their alumni is making up the costs.

The university raised $100 million within a seven-day stretch to support the school's upcoming transition to its new conference.


According to CBS Sports, the school announced it had received donations and commitments from just thirty individuals that include "trustees and key donors." And they aren't done yet.

In the past year, SMU secured a $50 million commitment from the Garry Weber Foundation -- the largest gift in SMU athletics history -- to help fund a new $100 million end zone complex at Gerald J. Ford Stadium, set to open in time for the Mustangs' first season in the ACC next year.



The Return Of The Pony Excess?

SMU v Texas State
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Its a known fact that some of the richest people in America and Texas are SMU grads and since college football is all about the money now and SMU were the MASTERS of pulling in talent to Dallas, (you know, by paying players) the question now becomes not how but WHEN will SMU be back at the top of college football?

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