A wise woman once told me, "Keeta, if you want to walk in true power, you have to spend minutes with man and hours with God." It blew my mind, yet made so much sense. We're bombarded with so many messages throughout the day from various outlets. If you're going to be successful in achieving what you set out to accomplish this year, you're going to have to silence the noise. Unfortunately, the majority of our "noise" is right there in the palm of our hands... our cellphones. At any given time, I can look at my phone and have 100 plus notifications on social media media alone. It becomes overwhelming.  There are times when I have to take a break from my phone so I can hear direction and think clearly.

If you're trying to figure out your next move in 2017 and/or what your destiny and purpose is in life, you may have to turn off that cell phone, get to yourself, and kill the noise for a while.

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