I know this has to be great news to some parents, students and prospective students ears. Jarvis Christian College located in Hawkins, Texas has decided to cut tuition and fees by 15% for Fall 2021.

Jarvis Christian College (JCC) will provide a more affordable and flexible pathway to higher education for students and families by dropping tuition and fees to $9,962/year billed at $4,981 per semester, a reduction of $1,758 for the year. This amount does not include room and board. Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships and to check with the College’s scholarship specialist, Ms. Crystal Hudson, at chudson@jarvis.edu or via phone at 903-730-4890, ext. 3005.

Administration, faculty and staff decided to reduce tuition and fees due to COVID-19. In the fall of 2021, incoming students will be able to live on campus, have access to an array of academic courses in a mixed model of face-to-face and online programs, including our newest programs in Mass Communication and Business Administration with concentrations in Cybersecurity and Healthcare Management.

Additionally, students will have the options to participate in extracurricular activities, including leadership development, athletics and campus recreation, student organizations, community service, choir, band and much more with minimal financial stress.

“In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its financial impact on students and families, we are making a concerted effort to expand upon the Jarvis Promise of providing an affordable college education within an environment that is academically challenging, supportive, nurturing, and responsive to the needs of the whole student” stated Dr. Lester C. Newman, President. “Jarvis is putting higher education back into the range that many more students and families can afford.”


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