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This past Friday was POW/MIA Day. This is a day when the country remembers servicemen and women who were prisoners of war or missing in action. Tyler, Texas took part in honoring the lives of those service members with a program on the Square in Downtown Tyler.

The American Legion Chapter 12 honored members as well as the Korean war veterans in Tyler. The ceremony was held at the downtown square by the Korean War Memorial. During the ceremony an oral history of the war was read while the veterans who attended were honored. Korean War veteran Bill Jacque say that he always feels special when he gets together with other Korean War veterans, but for him this past Friday was extra special to remember those who served in the war.

“When you get together like this and you are honored like this you always kind of think about the ones who didn’t come back and the ones who were wounded or died during the course of their actions,” said Jacque.

American Legion Chapter 12 felt this was important to do as the Korean War veterans are all starting to get older. Debra Christian who is the chapter’s chaplain was especially appreciative to help put on the ceremony because her father is a Korean War veteran.

Being a service member myself I understand the feelings that he has. I served in Operation Iraqi Freedom in the Navy Reserve, my father served in the Air Force for Vietnam and my late, Grandfather served in the Navy for World War ll. To be honored in a wonderful feeling and privilege. I say thank you to all of the service men and women who have fought to protect the rights and freedom of the United States.

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