The operating hours of Tyler Parks will soon be changing. The Tyler City Council approved its new budget on Wednesday (Sept. 25), which includes the new park hours ordinance. According to KLTV, the hours will change to help fight criminal activity. Starting on October 3rd, all parks will close at sunset. People will however, be able to request permits to stay at parks after hours, with an approved reason.

“We have an ordinance for times for people to be in the parks and as far as after hours there was disparity in the parks. We had for midnight to 6 a.m., we had some that were sunset to sunrise, so to help with vandalism, to help to get everybody on the same page of every park being equal we went with sun up to sun down. That doesn’t stop activities because there are permitted activities that continue to happen. If you had a birthday party at a pavilion you’d still be able to use the park after those hours, within reason of course.”

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