While we aren't completely over the COVID-19 pandemic Tyler Parks and Recreation is continuing to lend a helping hand to parents who may be facing hardships at this time.

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The Summer Feeding Program was designed to make sure your child will have a meal while you're at work and your child can receive breakfast or lunch from 12pm - 1pm at the following locations

  • Glass Recreations Center - 501 W 32nd St (Breakfast and Lunch will be served)
  • Gassaway Park - 2921 Martha St
  • Winters Park - 910 South Peach Ave.

Children 18 years and under will be able to receive free lunch and activity kit.

Also, Tyler Parks and Recreation is offering two FREE Summertime Activities for the kids to keep them occupied over the summer and for registration information click here.

Have a safe and fun summer kiddos!

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