Everything is expensive right now and we're all dreaming of ways to get more money in our pocket so we can relax comfortably. Some folks are getting a second job, others are investing in stocks and "crypto", while some of us are relying on games of "chance" to make our financial dreams into a reality. Someone in Tyler is about to start living the dream of being financially secure after we received word about the newest millionaire in East Texas.


How to Win Cash

According to a press release we received from The Texas Lottery, a Tyler resident has claimed a top prize winning ticket worth $3 million in the Texas Lottery scratch ticket game $250 Million Cash Party.

Texas Lottery
Texas Lottery

$250 Million Cash Party offers more than $250 million in total prizes. Overall odds of winning any prize in the game are one in 3.45, including break-even prizes. Unfortunately for the rest of us, this was the last of four top prizes worth $3 million to be claimed in this game.

The Winning Ticket Was Sold In Lindale

Google Maps
Google Maps

The winning ticket was purchased at Raceway 6760, located at 3318 S. Main St., in Lindale who we believe is also a big winner because retailers who sell winning tickets also receive a cash bonus so congratulations go out to them. As with any new "lottery" winner, to avoid having new "cousins" and family members jumping out of the woodwork, the winner has chosen to stay anonymous, which is always recommended. So whoever you are, congratulations on your big win and maybe you can take a look at some of these amazing homes on the market below since you can afford it.

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