There's no doubt that for shipping company UPS, this is the most busiest time of the year especially now more than ever with more and more folks opting to stay home and shop online for holiday gifts.

For a long time, the company had a long standing and strict policy on the personal appearance of its employees, mainly delivery drivers, which included no beards, limits on mustaches and other facial hair, hair length and bans on natural black hairstyles like afros and braids.

Well, that language lead to UPS being sued for discrimination and they were forced to pay a $4.9 million fine and enter into a consent decree with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to allow employees to wear beards and long hair by those who filed for a religious exemption.

But the company took it a step further on Wednesday of last week by lifting the "appearance" policy all together according to CNN. While styles still must be business appropriate and not pose a safety concern, the regulations listed earlier will no longer be company policy.

They are also also eliminating "gender specific" rules which included "uniform short length" in an effort to encourage more diversity in the company. The new policy will definitely help the company as it intends to hire more than 100,000 additional seasonal employees for the peak holiday season.

So if you're looking for work right now, check out UPS!

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