As if 2020 can't get any worse Fox Sports Broadcaster Thom Brennaman got himself in a little hot water on Wednesday (August 19th) when he used a anti-gay slur on live television during a Cincinnati Reds baseball game.

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The broadcast announcer who was broadcasting games for the Reds since 2007, used the slur after a feed from Fox Sports Ohio feed returned from commercial break at the top of the seventh inning when he used the slur not knowing he was live on air per Associated Press.

Since the remark social media blew up and Brennaman issued an apology and knew the severity of his remarks before being removed from the broadcast booth.

I don’t know if I’m going to be putting on this headset again.

Well, Brennaman will not be putting on that headset for a while late Wednesday (August 19th) the Reds announced that he will be suspended and issued an apology stating Brennaman's horrific, homophobic remarks.  

Then to make matters worse Brennaman will not be calling any NFL games on Fox as the company as they said they are moving forward with our NFL schedule which will not include him as Fox said his comments were abhorrent, unacceptable, and not represent the values of Fox Sports.

For what it's worth mistakes happen and I do not know Thom Brennaman personally.  However, for you to say that so comfortable and issue an apology only because you got caught make me look at you with a side eye.

I really hope that Thom Brennaman next time will think before he speak.

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