In a shocking move, a "for profit" trade school with locations all across Texas, New Mexico and Arkansas abruptly closed its doors permanently on Friday leaving students stuck with next to no information as to why.

Vista College, which based its headquarters in Richardson, Texas, issued a company-wide suspension of in-person enrollment and furloughed employees all across its seven campuses back in August according to KVIA and multiple outlets across the state. But on Friday in an email to staff and students, the school announced it was ceasing all operations immediately.

Vista College has made the difficult decision to cease all
operations effective with the close of Business on October 8th 2021. Although we are in compliance with both accreditation and state/federal regulations we are unable to continue due to financial circumstances. We apologize for the sudden notice but due to unforeseen events we could not continue with the new term on Oct 11th nor continue the current nursing term. - Statement From Vista College

Some students report teachers receiving phone calls in the middle of instruction being told to leave, other reporting that received the news via email.

The college has a campuses in Beaumont, Killeen, El Paso and Longview. The Longview campus is located at 1905 W Loop 281 and phone calls to the school before this article was published went unanswered.

Both current and former students of the Longview campus took to Facebook's "All Things Longview" page to vent their frustration after a user posted a status update claiming that the students in Longview were informed in the morning of the move then were locked out of the campus by 2:00 PM Friday afternoon.

All Things Longview Post Vista College

Others expressed anger with the school for being "too expensive" and others admitting that they still couldn't find a career or employment in the field they received their degree in from the school due to its reputation.

The school said its working to identify potential transfer colleges and schools to help the now former students complete their degrees and they also offered information about "loan forgiveness" programs for students in debt. Vista College is asking all students to monitor their website as more information becomes available.


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