If you're one of those individuals who can't listen to the radio at work because your boss you can now provide evidence that it will make you more productive through a new study.

Thanks to this new survey from The Brilliant Sound Survey, Sonos they asked 12,000 listeners in 12 countries questions about music and discovered that 76 percent said that listening to music helps them preform the best at work.

Also, the survey showed that 58 percent said music boosts their mood at work while 73 percent said that listening to music helps them get more work done than actually drinking coffee.

The study concluded that 74 percent said that music helps reduce stress, 52 percent said they are happier when listening to their favorite song, and 39 percent said they felt no stress at all while listening to their favorite song.

With that being said Hot 107-3 Jamz want to ensure you have a fun productive day at the office by offering you "Commercial Free" music three times a day while you're at the office.

  • The Commercial Free Workday Kickoff at 9am
  • The Commercial Free Workday Reset at 1pm
  • The Commercial Free Workday Wrap Up at 4pm

Cheers to having a productive day at the office with Hot 107-3 Jamz!

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