Its pretty safe to say at this point that the world is about to open completely back up at this point and that means we can start hanging outside again and even start going to concerts again!

While a few shows have been getting rolling through East Texas as a way to sort of "test the waters" and make sure folks aren't raising up the COVID numbers, artists around the world are gearing up for massive tours and shows. We're super excited to see it all happening!

With everyone being so far apart and not able to enjoy live music in person for over a year, we hope you've been making plans and putting together a wish list of who you would like to see. Let's face it, if anything, this past year should have given you an appreciation of being able to go out and do things and it should make you say "I'm going...I'm not waiting anymore" to anything that's going on.

I nominate Erykah!

So with the summer approaching, we want to hear from you East Texas! What R&B, rapper, or Southern Soul star do you want to see come perform in East Texas this summer that you've been DYING to see? Or maybe you would like to see a comedian come perform live here in East Texas so you can get your laugh on? Who knows, maybe we can make a call or two and get them to come out!

Clap back with your wish list now in the comments below or on our social media pages!


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