Yesterday we went over who the best quarterbacks in the NFL were, so it only makes sense to also take a look at some of the worst. There certainly are a lot to choose from. First candidate? Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite his team's being tied for first place, he has had a terrible season—he's thrown six interceptions already.

Staying in the NFC East brings us to Tony Romo. The Cowboys are just 2-2, and Romo has thrown eight interceptions, lowering his quarterback rating to 78.5.

A couple other real stinkers come out of the AFC West. Carson Palmer has the Raiders of to a 1-3 start, and Matt Cassel and the Chiefs are at 1-4. Then you have the two rookie quarterbacks in Branden Weeden from Cleveland and Ryan Tannehill from Miami. Both of those teams need a lot of work.