If you haven't heard any of CJ Hilton's music, you need to. This young man is so very talented and his tunes will keep you grooving all day. Lucky you, I'm here to introduce you to this amazing R&B singer. Give him a quick listen. 

This 25-year-old man, born Charles Hilton Jr. , has worked his entire life to reach the point he has come to. Though his debut album dropped a while back, he hasn't given up the fight and his music has stood strong through the time.

With a smooth voice and work ethic of a master, CJ Hilton is sure to pop up on your radar again soon. But, for those of you that are just hearing his name, lets not waste any more time getting you the treat of hearing his great music. Here we go.

It is so yummy, isn't it? Ready for another?

Aren't you glad you met CJ Hilton? His album is available online or in stores. Give him some support and keep this talented musician going.