I'm going to preface this story by saying that I really don't want to write about this. It's frustrating to see that once again, an innocent person has lost their life because of a "mistake" by those who have taken an oath to "serve and protect". A practice that has been under intense scrutiny in America as of late continues to produce stories like this and the really sad thing is....it will probably won't stop until more bodies are in the morgue

Minneapolis Police Are Under Fire For Its Police Tactics Once Again. (WARNING: THE VIDEO BELOW IS GRAPHIC)

This is the same police department that less than few years ago had to deal with the fallout of one of its officers, Derrick Chauvin, kneeling on George Floyd.

George Floyd's Brother Attends Unveiling Of Memorial Portrait In Brooklyn
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In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, the focus on police reform because a huge topic in America and was also used as a political football for politicians who promised reform. That push for reform extended into Texas as Governor Abbott and other Texas lawmakers talked a good game for votes but in the end, out of the 666 laws enacted in Texas over the last year NONE addresses "no-knock warrants".

Some Texas lawmakers attempted to ban these types of warrants in the last session, but the legislature did not do that.


The law only mandates that whoever signs a no knock warrant must have a law degree in Texas. While statewide action for the ending of this practice failed, local police departments are putting a stop to it. Fort Worth Police have banned them all together and Dallas Police rarely uses them and the warrant has to be approved an Assistant Chief and executed by their SWAT team. Unfortunately for Mr. Locke and his family, he couldn't get to Dallas fast enough.

Locke’s family says the 22-year-old was getting ready to move to Dallas this week to be closer to his mom.

In a heartbreaking twist to this story, according to KHOU Locke was getting ready to start his own business in the Dallas area, and he was aspiring to be a musician like his father. His mother, Karen Wells, says she just finished purchasing a design logo for her son in order to launch his business but now they will have to lay their child to rest.

For the sake of this article LET'S TAKE RACE OUT OF THE EQUATION because most of you reading this will think it is based on that. The reason why YOU as an American citizen regardless of color should want this practice ended is because it protects YOU and THE POLICE OFFICERS from danger in a society and a state where ANY and EVERYONE is packing heat. The "element of surprise" is meant for "warfare" not "for serving warrants" unless its a really dangerous situation and our local Police departments should not be seen or used as an "occupying force to maintain order", these are our supposed to be our neighbors, not enemies and vice versa.

As protestors once again, take to the streets to express their outrage, once again we're left wondering when there will be change.

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