After years of practicing and perfecting his craft.  One East Texan is one step closer to becoming this year’s American Idol.

His name is Cade Foehner and he is taking American Idol by storm as the East Texan from Shelbyville made it to the Top 24 of the singing competition on Monday (April 2nd).

From our media partner KLTV, the singer known for having a feather attached to his guitar started his amazing journey in Dallas when he auditioned for American Idol in August and new he is getting closer to achieving his lifelong dream.

I just remember being extremely nervous before I went out there to perform like this pop song that I made rock.  Like really when you remake songs, it can go bad or really go good. It's not really an eh sort of thing. And so, I was completely nerved out. I knew usually don't look it when I'm out there, I've noticed, but I'm sweating bullets, and I'm hoping it goes well.

Cade's family was in attendance cheering him on as he dazzled the crowd with his selection "No Good" by Kaleo and he's going to need it as the rounds get more intense with great competition.

You can watch American Idol and cheer Cade on Sunday's at 7 p.m. on KLTV.