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One East Texas Corvette Club isn't going to let the COVID-19 pandemic stop them from celebrating one of their members on their birthday.

While we are still adjusting to our "new normal" the Tyler Outlaws Corvette Club took time out of their schedule on Friday (April 10th) to recognize Roderick "Hot Rod" Minix birthday with his family.

Roderick shared a live video from his Facebook page as his club members had a parade for him in his honor as they drove by his residence waving and shouting "Happy Birthday."

KLTV reported, that Roderick who is the club's treasure is very active in the community for the past 25 years by delivering food for the East Texas Food Bank and throwing a parade in his honor was a way of showing their appreciation.

Birthday parades and celebrations are starting to become a trend as neighborhoods are coming together to celebrate special occasions as another birthday parade is being planned for a 4-year-old in Henderson per KLTV.

To Roderick "Hot Rod" Minix of the Tyler Outlaw Corvette Club we want to also extend to you a very Happy Birthday and thank you for all you do in the community!


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