An arrest has been made after a video of two white men shooting an unarmed black man has gained National attention.

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KLTV has reported that 64-year-old Gregory McMichael, and his 34-year-old son Travis was charged on Thursday (May 7th) and booked at the Glynn County Jail after killing Ahmaud Arbery.

The arrest come after nearly three months after the altercation where cell phone video of Arbrey jogging on the left side of the road with a pickup truck parked in the road in from of him with one man in the bed and the other standing next to the driver’s side door.

Arbery crosses the truck on the passenger’s side, then crosses back in front of it where a gunshot is heard and see Arbery and Travis struggling over a shotgun and as another shot was heard and then a third one where Arbery staggers and falls to the ground.

Gregory McMichael told authorities that him and his son grabbed their guns and went after Arbery because they thought he fit the description of a burglar in the neighborhood.

Marcus Arbery Sr. Ahmaud’s father spoke about the arrest

I want to see these people go to jail, go to prison, whatever.  They need the harshest crime they can get, because that was uncalled for. I’m telling you. That’s just hate and murder. I want to see justice for him.

Today (May 8th) would have been Ahmaud’s 26th birthday and my only wish for his birthday is that he would get justice for this crime.

The investigation is still ongoing.

Happy Birthday Ahmaud…..

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