Did You Know That There's A Place In Texas That's Offering Up FREE Land?

Here's a little history fact for you: There was once a federal mandated called the Homestead Act in 1862, in which the U.S. provided FREE land for construction of homes and operation of farms to homesteaders.

The act was appealed in 1976 and is no longer operational but only 10 percent of U.S. land, or 270 million acres, was claimed and settled.

Which means there's STILL lots of land and many rural regions and counties in the US are offering free land to improve economic activity and business sentiment.

The South Texas Town Of La Villa, TX Is One Of Those Places.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Down towards the bottom of Texas you'll find the town of La Villa, TX. According to a 2019 report from KRGV, The City of La Villa’s Development Program is providing free land of 91 plots for the development of a residential property.

Of course, there is a catch to the "free land":

  • You will have to pay respective property taxes for the land.
  • A 5-year lease is associated with the land wherein if you plan to sell the land within the lease period, you will pay the local government a certain amount.
  • Residents need to meet requirements such as pre-approved financing and an acceptable floor plan.

Anyone who is interested can call the city for more information on how to apply.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Now before you pack up everything and move, you need to know that there isn't much to see or do in La Villa besides possibly hang out at the nearby "Stripes" gas station so think about if you're REALLY about that "rural" life.

Are There Other States Offering Free Land?

Daniel Schwen // Wikimedia Commons
Daniel Schwen // Wikimedia Commons

You'll be surprised to know that YES, there's a bunch of states offering similar free land deals. You'll have to check with the local communities to find out the details but here's a few!

Here's Every American State You can Get Free Land in

We found 7 states where you can get FREE land but there are some catches depending on where you're wanting to go.

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