I've said it once before and it bears reiteration: H.E.R. is the most dominant R&B star on the planet right now and I will hear no debate on this.

She's not even 25 years old yet and she already has won several Grammys and just took home an Oscar among other accolades, not to mention she currently has several smash hits that she's either solo or a featured artist on in heavy rotation here at Kiss-FM. While Beyonce has transcended R&B to become a pop household name, H.E.R. has carved out her own lane which is why you can now mention "her" name with the Queen Bey when it comes to creators of amazing music.

While "Damage" was still sizzling up the charts, she continued to apply pressure with her most recent jam featuring Chris Brown called "Come Through".

So with so much domination in music, what's next for this huge star? Naturally, acting (I mean, auditions should be easy to come by when you have "Academy Award Winner" on your resume, even if you haven't "acted") and H.E.R. talks about her future plans plus her Oscar win and so much more as she called in to talk to Rickey Smiley and the gang recently on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show. Check out the interview below:

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