Texas de Brazil is the brand new restaurant in East Texas everyone's talking about. If you haven’t dined here yet, you're in for one heck of a dining experience that is probably unlike anything you've experienced before.

Texas de Brazil has been open in Tyler for a few weeks now and I had the opportunity to try out their food and enjoy their unique experience. Myself and my co-workers were blown away.

When I first walked in I went to the bar and tried their most popular drink - a Brazilian cocktail called“Caipirinha”. After socializing and wetting my whistle, we were escorted to our table. Then... food.

First we tried the 50+ item gourmet salad area, which I promise you is not like any salad bar you have ever seen. We had options ranging from roasted vegetables, imported cheeses, meats, bisque, and so much more.

Shawn Knight | TSM

After our 'salads', the all you-can-eat experience was about to get real as a troop of carvers called “Gauchos” came to our table and presented us with various meats to choose from. I tried almost everything from the menu but the following are my favroties:

  • Filet Mignon and Filet Mignon wrapped with bacon
  • Braised Beef Ribs
  • Lamb Chops
  • Chicken Breast Wrapped in Bacon
  • Brazilian Sausage (My favorite)

Make sure you don’t overdo it either. You have until closing time to eat at your own pace and enjoy everything they have to offer. That’s why we have a card to indicate to (Yes or No). Trust me. you and your stomach will thank me later.

Shawn Knight |TSM

This dining experience will cost you about $45 per person, but trust me it is worth every penny if you and your family/friends are hungry enough. So next time you want to try something fun and filling, go and see my friends at Texas de Brazil in Tyler and tell them Shawn Knight sent you.