The final printed issue of JET Magazine was issued yesterday. This is a sad day for all of the little girls dreaming of one day becoming the 'Beauty of the Week' and all of the women who wait in the beauty shop to get in the chair next. And you can't forget about the music lovers who watch the charts in the back of the magazine. A true icon has been put to rest.

Dry your eyes people, we will still be able to get the information, it will just be given to us digitally. So what does that mean? It's means you need to get a computer and Internet in your home, because you can still see your 'Beauty of the Week' and get the charts.

If you still need something to read while you wait at the beauty shop, get an aAndroid phone, iPhone or tablet. Or if you are like my mom, then you have all of these and just don't know how to use them, so learn.

In 1951, JET Magazine was known at the "The Weekly Negro News Magazine." The new app launch on June 30 with an EBONY and JET digital store.