The Sweat Hotel is making its way to New Orleans this week as our night guy Keith Sweat and the King of R&B Bobby Brown perform a live Verzuz this week in New Orleans at the 2021 Essence Festival.

Thursday, July 1 the two of the biggest names in R&B who have hits spanning decades will face off created by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz. I don't know about you, but I think this is going to be a tie. It will be interesting to watch because I am curious to see if Bobby Brown will do the Every Little Step dance moves and if Keith Sweat will be on stage doing the old man dance. You know the one that your uncle does at every fish fry and cookout.

Both have had great moments and terrible moments on stage and that could another Verzuz on its own. Remember that time Keith Sweat was performing at an awards show and he cracked all kinds of notes. I hope this doesn't happen again and it shouldn't with the audio technology they have out now. Nothing can top Bobby Brown's perform when his bag of crack fell out of his pocket while performing on stage. You don't believe me? Check it out below.

Those were funny and embarrassing moments that both men recovered from effortlessly. I am looking forward to them making history singing some of my favorites. If I had to pick 20 from each singer, my list would look something like this:

Keith Sweat

  1. Make It Last Forever
  2. Nobody
  3. Right and a Wrong Way
  4. I Want Her
  5. How Deep Is Your Love
  6. Something Thing Just Ain't Right
  7. Why Me Baby
  8. Keep It Coming
  9. Don't Stop Your Love
  10. Get Up On It
  11. Telling Me No Again
  12. Just One Of Dem Thangs
  13. In The Rain
  14. Make You Sweat
  15. I Wanna Love You Down
  16. My Body (LSG)
  17. Just Got Paid (Johnny Kemp writer credit)
  18. Twisted
  19. Freak Me (Silk writer credit)
  20. Lose Control ( writer credit)


Bobby Brown

  1. Every Little Step
  2. My Prerogative
  3. Roni
  4. Mr. Telephone Man (New Edition)
  5. Rock Wit'cha
  6. We've  Got Something In Common (with Whitney Houston)
  7. On Our On
  8. Humpin' Around
  9. Get Away
  10. Girlfriend
  11. Still In Love With You (New Edition)
  12. Hit Me Off (New Edition)
  13. Don't Be Cruel
  14. Girl Next Door
  15. Til The End Of Time
  16. One More Night
  17. My Place
  18. Good Enough
  19. College Girl
  20. Pretty Little Girl


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