Keyshia Cole pulled a Lauryn Hill and showed up a whole lotta late to the Ashanti vs Keyshia Instagram Verzuz Battle.

Keyshia is now apologizing for showing up 1 hour and 12 minutes late to the Versuz battle between her and Ashanti.

Some folks said, "That was hella rude, Miss Keyshia.!" But I still stan.

I heard she is saying the reason she was so late is because the sound system and WiFi signal was extremely terrible, and allegely one of her "people" told her don't go out there and "embarrass yourself" like Teddy Riley did on his Verzuz battle with Babyface in April 2020. (Hey, I loved that Babyface Verzuz Teddy Riley battle, too. It was comical and they both played off the technical issues with class and style.)

I am giving all of that the side-eye, but I will admit, that's a good point, though. I can understand not wanting to look like a fool. Unfortunately, Keyshia looked like a fool either way in the eyes of some of her biggest fans. They were expecting to see the SHOW but instead they got the NO SHOW, for at least 1 HR AND 12 MINUTES.

Ashanti did a good job of bringing the positive energy and the hype vibes to the event. The DJ was fun, too, putting out the jams for the peoples! Once Keyshia arrived, she was very pleasant to Ashanti until she said, "Let's start before I change my mind."


Personally, I let everything slide because I am a huge fan of Keyshia. It's all water under the bridge, baby. I love all her songs, especially Heaven Sent, Last Night w/Diddy, Let It Go, and others...

Read more about what Keyshia had to say by clicking here.

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